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Past Webinars

Roadmap to WRAP: A New Tool to Help You Increase Plastic Film Recycling in Your Community

Looking for a step-by-step guide to walk you through implementing a plastic film recycling campaign in your community? Let the WRAP Roadmap be your guide!

In this webinar, we’ll explore the latest tool from the Wrap Recycling Action Program and hear from guest presenters Sherill Baldwin from Connecticut DEEP and Christine Symington from Sustainable Princeton on how they were able to tailor the WRAP plastic film programs to their specific communities.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use the step-by-step Roadmap to WRAP
  • The tools, resources and sample documents available to you
  • How to engage your residents making a nation-wide initiative work locally

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SMM Web Academy Webinar Series
Does Plastics Recycling Need To Be So Confusing?

Learn best practices for communicating with your residents about plastics recycling and to discuss the best way to communicate about the commodities you collect with haulers and material recovery facilities.  This webinar is part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sustainable Materials Management program.


Let’s WRAP: Best WRAP logoPractices to increase plastic film recycling in your community

We are all aware of the challenges when it comes to recycling plastic bags and film in through curbside collection.  Now there is a growing national movement to boost film recycling by helping communities better educate the public on the appropriate ways to recycle this material, and it’s having an impact.  It’s called the Wrap Recycling Action Program, or WRAP.

Through this webinar you’ll learn  learned from experts and your peers about how WRAP can help you meet your sustainability goals by improving residential recycling of film packaging, with an emphasis on harmonizing approaches and outreach materials.

View the recording here now. Budget roughly 1.5 hours for the entire presentation and the q&a session.



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