Retailers are increasingly focused on sustainability issues.  Implementing more environmentally sound business practices is not only an opportunity for business growth, it can also improve customer and employee relations.  Many of the nation’s leading retailers are making exciting progress in reducing environmental impacts, waste diversion, energy reduction, minimizing waste in operations, and of course– recycling.


Below are some recycling programs many grocers and retailers are implementing around the country

Grocery Rigids Recycling Program

The “How to Recycle Grocery Rigid Plastics” Resource Kit was developed by the Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers, with assistance from the American Chemistry Council. It includes important data gathered from pilot programs conducted for APR by Brown Sustainability Solutions with two partners- Hannaford and Stop and Shop. During 6 month pilot programs, key lessons were learned on how to best approach grocery rigid plastic (large rigid containers from the deli, seafood and pharmacy departments) recycling. (Learn more)

Plastic Bag and FIlm Wrap Recycling

Providing a Drop Off Program as part of your own film collection strategy lets your community know about your commitment to reducing waste and support for the recycling of plastic bags, film and wrap. Grocers, dry cleaners and other retail businesses can all be part of a growing network of drop off locations which together are making it more and more convenient for the public to recycle plastic film. Check out this profile on Wegman’s plastic bag & film recycling program. (Learn More)







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