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Sustainability is an important area of focus for packaging industry experts, brand owners and retailers, who make important decisions about packaging every day.  From the field or factory to the front door, plastics make possible the latest innovations in sustainable packaging design. Plastics often enable companies to ship more products with less packaging material. Plastic packaging extends freshness, minimizes spoilage and breakage, saves energy, and reduces waste.

INFOGRAPHIC: Packaging Flow In the MRF

The material mix at the MRF is constantly changing.  Five national trade associations representing a wide range of packaging types studied how materials flowed through the MRF to help improve recovery.

Download full MRF Material Flow Study here.

In many cases, we can enhance plastics’ environmental benefits by recycling them after use.   The great news is that it’s never been easier to recycle plastic bottles, caps, bags, and containers at many locations and in many programs across the country.

Since the early 1990s, America’s plastics industry has invested over $2 billion in plastic recycling technologies and infrastructure. This money has gone to support:

  • Tracking of recycling statistics
  • Providing greater access to away-from-home recycling opportunities
  • Consumer recycling education

Here is the American Chemistry Council’s Steve Russell talking with Plastics News about plastics recycling, and other plastics industry issues.

Learn more about the plastics industry’s efforts to advance plastics recycling across the United States.

Did you know? Plastics makers support the U.S. EPA’s waste management hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. By doing more with less, plastic products and packages:

  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserve resources
  • Brand Owners
  • Retailers
  • Packaging Designers

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