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types-of-plastic-618x264-300x128Plastics.  It’s a space age material that continues to find new uses … including uses that help protect the environment.  And we continue to find new ways to recycle more plastics.

Check out these ideas to discover more about plastics – particularly plastics recycling and plastic products that help protect the environment.

GirlColoring-436x2901Download coloring pages to learn more about recycling plastics

Young kids can color…and connect the dots…and create a picture frame…and more, all while learning how to recycle more plastics. Click the links below and download all of them!

binPlay ‘Bin It’- the recycling game for Iphone and Ipad

Sure, you’ve recycled plastic containers before, but can you:

Toss an empty plastic bottle into the recycling bin from across the kitchen …with a monkey screaming overhead?
How about on a fashion runway … with paparazzi bears flashing their cameras at you?
Or from the three-point line … with a giant penguin as the referee?

Add a tricky crosswind that blows your bottles off course to make it even more difficult … and now you’re playing Bin It – a fun and challenging new game that challenges you to recycle!

Bin It is now available for free download in the App Store. Toss your plastic bottles into the bin to turn them into new products – see how many recycled t-shirts, sweaters or sleeping bags you can create.

Share Bin It with your friends. And remember: Bin It on the iPhone, on the iPad and (most importantly) in your everyday life!

trainsTrains to ride on recycled plastics?

Railroad ties hold train tracks in place – now just imagine how many railroad ties there are in the U.S. It just boggles the mind.

One company now makes railroad ties out of recycled plastics and other materials. They last longer than wood or concrete ties. Check out this news story about these recycled plastics.




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