At the American Chemistry Council, we’re pretty enthusiastic about plastics recycling.   It’s our job to expand recycling education and opportunity, as well as conduct outreach.

Today, 94 percent of Americans have easy access to plastics recycling opportunities, whether they participate in a municipal curbside program or live near a drop-off site.  Recycling plastics has never been easier.

We’ve assembled a library of resources– tips and tools, multimedia resources and  links to even more  helpful information to help you grow your recycling program and increase recycling rates.  Feel free to use any ideas or links you find here to communicate to residents in your community.

Ready for the big game this weekend?  Here are some recycling tips from former NFL Pro Bowler Ovie Mughelli.


Every November 15 is America Recycles Day – one day to get neighbors, friends and your community excited about what can be accomplished when we all recycle. One day to encourage more recycling 365 days a year. You can create an America Recycles Day event, join an event or take a pledge to recycle more. And you can check out videos that kids and others made about the importance of recycling – and even make your own video for America Recycles Day 2012.


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